Michael Riggs


Michael Riggs


Former dancer with the English National Ballet and now currently residing in Adelaide, Australia, Michael has worked on composing two musicals, MESSiAH The Rock Musical and Esther the Queen, together with many other individual compositions. MESSiAH has featured for several years now in the Adelaide Fringe Festival while ‘Esther’ has been through a process of a ‘first draft’, two workshops, and just recently a one hour performance of a song selection titled ‘Songs of Esther’. The complete work of ‘Esther’ currently sits at 2.5 hours.

https://youtu.be/t2oy4LpudxA Promo

https://youtu.be/1_QJ-PfYA2Y Missing You

https://youtu.be/Nhk5yHMvTKM Strangers

https://youtu.be/1xCb7xgWDfI Write of the King

Michael was truly introduced to the world of musicals through his English wife, Emma, meeting at English National Ballet while she sang in the Nutcracker choir at the Royal Festival Hall, who is now Co-Director of the Adelaide Youth Theatre.

Other life’s journey and experiences to this point has been through:

Leaning music from an early age playing piano then flute and piccolo
Graduate of the Australian Ballet School
Dancer with Perth City Ballet
Dancer with Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb
Dancer with English National Ballet…with his twin brother!
Dancer with Lewis London Ballet
Artistic Director and Choreographer – London Classical Youth Ballet
Artistic Director, Choreographer, Producer, Script Writer – Australian Classical Youth Ballet
Degree in Arts (Dance)
Degree in Education (Secondary)
Pilates Instructor
Secondary School Teacher in Dance & Special Education
Composer & Lyricist of MESSiAH The Rock Musical premiered December 2012
Composer & Lyricist of Esther the Queen with ‘Songs of Esther’ premiering October 2018
Plus many years being a family taxi driver for his kids…which is still current and on going!


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Lyricist, Composer