Neil Bastian


Neil Bastian


I’ve just finished writing my musical Force Ten Gayle (Feb 2019).

While I figure out how to get it on somewhere, I’m looking to work on a new project. If you need a composer/lyricist, or just a lyricist, do get in touch: Happy to use Skype to work with someone abroad if need be.

Though ‘Force Ten Gayle’ is inspired by Shirley Bassey/John Barry, I’m eager to try different styles.

I’m looking to work on an original piece, or one based on something out of copyright (i.e. no rights issues).

I’m into character and story first, with themes emerging by accident. I hope I’m pretty open-minded, but I wouldn’t want to do a ‘Love affair torn apart by war’ show because so many people have already done that well.

As well as SoundCloud, you can hear more songs on my YouTube channel.

Favourite musicals include:

West Side Story
Jesus Christ Superstar

As well as MMD, I’m a member of the Book Music & Lyrics workshop.

Though I write music and lyrics, my notating abilities are currently limited to ‘lead sheets’ (vocal melody and chord changes). If you want to work with me as a songwriter, we will eventually need to get an arranger involved. If this doesn’t suit, I’m happy to do just lyrics with your composer.

Thanks for reading!


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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer