“The List” by Tamar Broadbent being pitched at BEAM:2016

Showcasing contemporary British Musical Theatre

What is BEAM?

BEAM is a biennial Musical Theatre Showcase, produced by Musical Theatre Network & Mercury Musical Developments.

What is it for?

BEAM aims to nurture an active and connected musical theatre community across the UK through which new work can be discovered and developed, and the artform advanced.

What will it do?

>create a biennial forum through which artists, venues and producers interested in the development of new musical theatre can share work, ideas and practice;

>showcase new writing and new voices, as well as demonstrate the breadth of new musical theatre being created in the UK and open up a conversation about what this artform can be;

>facilitate the connections that spark new collaborations and ventures, encouraging future productions of new work.

When was the first one?

#BEAM16 was held over 2 days at the Park Theatre in 2016

When is the next one?

March 2018.  The venue will be announced shortly! ( If you are not a member of MTN or MMD but want to be kept in the loop about our next BEAM please email and she will keep you informed.)

Thank you for your support:

MMD & MTN gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation


To support BEAM:2016 please click here to link to our sponsorship page.

Our first BEAM was held at the Park Theatre in March 2016. Some great articles below from industry people that attended.

Matt Hemley: “UK could ‘fill every stage’ with British musicals – Beam:2016 conference” Click HERE to read.

Mark Shenton: “Witnessing the birth of a new age of British musical theatre” Click HERE to read.

Terri Paddock: “British musical theatre has just had its Woodstock moment: I was there” Click HERE to read.

Kate Golledge: “#BEAM16 – What does it stand for?” Click HERE to read.


Here are some of our favourite tweets across the 2 days!

Reasons to be cheerful about theatre no 1: #BEAM16. Diversity of stories, styles, talent overwhelming. And real commitment to staging them.

#BEAM16 rocked! Massive thanks to @MercuryMusicals @MTheatreNetwork teams for running highest quality MT event in memory. Heres to #BEAM18

#BEAM16 was a wonderful, really necessary event – proving musical theatre in Britain is as vibrant, daring and exciting as ever

BEAM16 lived up to its name. Shone a bright light on the state of musical theatre today and found imagination creativity and hope.

#BEAM16 is unprecedented. What @MercuryMusicals @MTheatreNetwork are attempting is kind of a Cannes festival for musicals. Proud to be part.


#BEAM16 in pictures


More BEAM updates soon…

(Photos: David Ovenden)