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Welcome to the MMD Backstage Area. Here you’ll find records of previous masterclasses and workshops, important events such as galas and our AGM, useful business information and recent members’ mailings.

We’re most grateful to MMD members who have taken notes or made recordings of salons and seminars, to enable us to include them in the archive for those who couldn’t make it to the event.

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Recommended Libretti

Assassins – Book by John Weidman; Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim “Nothing quite prepares you for the disturbing brilliance of Assassins.” –David Richards, The New York Times “Dark, demented humor, as horrifying as it is hilarious.” –Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press “Intelli...

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Recommended Recordings – British Musicals

Recommended Recordings – Broadway Musicals

Musical Theatre DVDs

Broadway: The American Musical – A History of Broadway (DVD) directed by Michael Kantor Hosted by Academy Award-winning star of stage film and television Julie Andrews. ‘Broadway’ tells two stories: the 100-year history of musical theater and the story of its relationship to 20th-c...

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Books on Musical Theatre Craft & Analysis

David Ball: Backwards and Forwards A Technical Manual for Reading Plays This guide to play-reading for students and practitioners of both theater and literature complements, rather than contradicts or repeats, traditional methods of literary analysis of scripts.           Ch...

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Musical Theatre Biographies & Memoirs

Laurence Bergreen: As Thousands Cheer – The Life Of Irving Berlin Irving Berlin (1888-1989) was unable to read or write music and could only play the piano in the key of F-sharp major; yet, for the first half of the twentieth century he was America’s most successful and most representati...

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Books on Musical Theatre Recordings

Kurt Gänzl: The Blackwell Guide to the Musical Theatre on Record What are the essential records that should form the heart of any collection of musical theatre? Where do the best recordings fit in the history and development of the musical? Are original recordings of hit shows of the 1950s and 1960...

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Books on Musical Theatre History

Glen Berger: The Song Of Spiderman As you might imagine, writing a Broadway musical has its challenges. But it turns out there are challenges one can’t begin to imagine when collaborating with two rock legends and a superstar director to stage the biggest, most expensive production in theatre ...

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AGM 2014 – Chairman’s Report

By Caroline Underwood As usual, I’m going to recap a little on the events of the last twelve months and talk a bit about some of the highlights.  Neil is then going to give his last speech as Executive Director with some general thoughts about MMD over the last five years and where we’r...

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