Jane Goodman Writing Fund 2023

MMD is delighted to announce that applications are open for the Jane Goodman Writing Fund, making small grants available to female and non-binary MMD members. This fund forms part of our activities to champion female/non-binary musical theatre writers, supported by the Jane Goodman Charitable Trust

You may apply for grants of up to £1000. There is no minimum grant amount. 

Eligible applicants are: 

  • Female-identifying or non-binary
  • A composer/lyricist/book writer (or combination) of musical theatre, at any level of professional experience 
  • A current member of Mercury Musical Developments 

Grants will be given for particular needs, activities or purchases rather than general financial support. We have a limited amount of funds available and would like to award grants to as many writers as possible. You are advised to apply for specific costs rather than estimations if possible, and you should demonstrate how this activity/spend will benefit you as a writer. 

Applications close on Monday 6th February 2023. Applicants will be notified by Friday 17th February

Please read the FAQs below before making your application. 

What sort of thing can I apply for? 

Hypothetical examples could be: 

  • A computer or piece of recording equipment 
  • Attendance fees for a course, retreat or class
  • Paying yourself for writing time in lieu of paid non-writing work 
  • Childcare costs to free up some more writing time  
  • Paying a dramaturg/director/performers to provide feedback or do a reading of your work 
  • Paying for musical transcription of songs 

We will be able to fund very few full £1000 grants and smaller grant requests may have a better chance of being successful. 

Can I submit multiple applications for different activities/purchases? 

No, each member may submit only one grant application.  

Can I apply jointly with someone else, e.g. a collaborator? 

Yes, though only one application should be made. Your application is more likely to be successful if the collaborator is also an MMD member. 

If my application is successful, when could I expect to receive the grant? 

Grant offers will be made by 17th February and payments will be made by 10th March. 

Could this grant form part of funding for a larger project? 

Yes. It would be helpful if you can indicate the specific costs that this grant would cover within the larger project, and give a brief summary breakdown of the total project costs. 

What if I don’t yet know the exact costs for what I’m requesting? 

Please provide your best estimations and show that you have researched similar items/costs. 

If successful, will I have to provide any receipts or reports? 

Receipts are not necessary. We will ask all grant recipients to write a very short report (a couple of paragraphs) about how the money was used and its impact.  

Can I also apply for the Mercury Writers Barn if I’m applying for this? 

Yes. Depending on the number of applications we receive we may try to spread out the opportunities granted, to benefit as many members as possible. If you are applying to both and feel much more strongly about one over the other, do let us know. 

Other questions? Email natalia@mercurymusicals.com.