Chris Brindle


Chris Brindle


Varied career in Market Research, Marketing, Product Development, and Education, started writing in the Arts World in multi-media in 2012

2012    “Hampshire” – the works of Portsmouth Artist R.H.C. Ubsdell (1812-1887)  – 2 books and an exhibition
2014    “Jane Austen’s Sanditon”  Completion of the fragments and their story, as – play – film – documentary – dvd
2015    “Auditions” – musical
2016    “Guardian Angels” – musical – streaming studio album on Spotify (Guardian Angels Ensemble) – dvd – 1 hour radio edit – You Tube videos
2017    “Felixstowe” and  “Song For Jane Austen”  You Tube videos
2018    “La Vida Loca” – a Latin rhythm and dance musical – in writing and choreography
2018    “Jane Austen’s ‘Sanditon’- a pop / rock musical” written.  Two music videos produced

2019     “200 Years Later” Jane Austen’s Sanditon -The Musical   Premiered at ‘The Other Palace’, Victoria London on 26th July as an 11 piece actor/musician show, filmed with three cameras and a film made of the production. Website revised with all the Austen content to date and the original texts. Looking now to produce a ‘big stage’ version of the musical.



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Written and produced collaboratively with many amazing amateur, semi-professional and professional actors and musicians but in particular Vicky Clubb (Composer & Pianist), David Edward Booth, percussionist, guitarist and record producer & Aura Films, Colchester


‘Sanditon’ You Tube Channel




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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer