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Peter Polycarpou


Hi All,

I am currently developing my own piece REUNION. I have been writing it for about three and half years now and in 2018 spent two weeks with students from Guildford School Of Acting workshopping material.

I am currently working at The Royal Academy Of Music, further developing my piece with students there. We will be presenting a showing of the material in its latest form this February. I am hugely grateful to both Sean Macnamara and Dan Bowling for giving me their students and facilities. Their help has been immeasurable thus far. Award winning director Michael Strassen will be staging the showing which is now scheduled for Feb 7th.

I am currently developing this material on my own but have been helped along the way by so many friends and associates from previous shows whom I also want to thank. Epcecially Gareth Snook, Sioubhan Harrison, Connor Sheridan, Nora Perone and many more in the two other workshops I have held.

I haven’t yet posted news about this on my website so there is no further information anywhere yet other than to members of Mercury Musicals but I am hoping to invite the incredible Stiles and Drew to the showing in February.

I would appreciate if in reading this you don’t yet post it yourselves on social media or publicise it outside this website.

I will be making some of the material available to MMD Members soon.



Peter Polycarpou


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