David Perkins


David Perkins


My specialization as a theatre composer is writing musicals for the youth/schools market and shows aimed at young/family orientated audiences. Over the years I have collaborated with a number of different lyricists and bookwriters and had musicals published by Samuel French (in London and New York) and the web based publisher, StageScripts. These have been performed by both amateur and professional organizations in the UK and abroad including USA, South Africa, New Zealand and India.

Published works (Samuel French Ltd / Inc):
Shake Ripple & Roll, Pandemonium! (a Greek Myth-adventure), Skool & Crossbones, The Nutcracker and The Curious Quest for the Sandman’s Sand, all with MMD member, Jenifer Toksvig.
Also, adaptations of The Selfish Giant and The Happy Prince with Caroline Dooley (and Oscar Wilde!) and an original musical, The Mystery of Dumsey Meadow.

Published works (StageScripts):
Arabian Nights and The Wind in the Willows with writer, Adam Forde. Also, The Escapade of the Burmese Burglary, (a one-act musical), with Joe and Dom Male – my only published show not aimed at younger performers/audience.

Professional / Touring productions:
Arabian Nights, The Nutcracker (Story Pocket Theatre); Puss in Space, Macladdin, Cinderfella, Bob & the Beanstalk (Hotbuckle Productions); and Just So Stories (Apollo Theatre Company).



Writer Type

Lyricist, Composer

Other Skills

Arranger, Musical Director, Musician, Orchestrator, Transcriber