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David Secter


David Secter is an award-winning writer/producer/director of film, theater and television. He lives in Kona on the big island of Hawaii, where he is completing the book and lyrics for Rule of Fire, a new musical about old Hawaii, which dramatizes the encounter between an aging Captain Cook and a young Kamehameha the Great, and celebrates the islands’ polyamory culture. Secter’s movie Take the Flame! Gay Games: Grace, Grit & Glory is a documentary feature on the Games and founder Olympian Dr. Tom Waddell, narrated by Greg Louganis, which Secter is adapting as a narrative feature An All American Family. He produced Pacific Passions about the Festival of Pacific Arts in New Caledonia, and BURN on Burning Man, seen on the Discovery Channel. His narrative movie CyberDorm is an offbeat campus comedy about early webcasts.

Secter’s film career began with Love With the Proper Guppy, a whimsical short shown on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. His first movie Winter Kept Us Warm was the first Canadian feature selected for the Cannes Film Festival, won major awards, and is currently released by Canadian International Pictures. His next movie The Offering was nominated as Canada’s Best Picture of the Year and distributed by Columbia Pictures, who also released his family short The Harrowing Tale of the Haunted Lighthouse, and is now distributed by CIP.

In New York City Secter founded Total Impact, a media co-op, where he wrote, produced and directed the comedy Getting Together, which Troma released as Feelin’ Up. Television credits include music specials with Eartha Kitt and Talking Heads plus commercials such as Guinness World Records, selected as a National Clio Award Finalist as Best Entertainment Production. During ten years as CEO of EnterMedia, a Manhattan arts center in a historic 1100 seat playhouse, he produced and presented Obie-award winning plays and launched such long-running Broadway musical hits as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Secter also wrote the book and lyrics and produced the celebrated Off-Broadway musical Get Thee to Canterbury and created Banjos and Bugles, a civil war docudramusical.

Secter is the subject of The Best of Secter and the Rest of Secter, an award-winning doc available on YouTube. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, lives now in Kona Hawaii with his husband Patrick Montana, and aims to combine the islands’ iconic music, dance and design with Broadway-class musical theatre in Rule of Fire.

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