Faye Rigopolou


Faye Rigopolou


PhD student researching ageing voices in musical theatre (University of Exeter). I have been directing , coaching voices, and acting in musical theatre productions for the past 18 years and have worked on designing Performing Arts Curricula with a focus on musical theatre for international schools in Taiwan. I have an MA from the Middlesex University (Professional Practice, Musical Theatre Education), a BA in Music from the Kapodistreion University (Greece) along with several Diplomas on Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Instrumentation, Harmony, and Piano Virtuosity.

My background in performance training includes Acting (Stanislavski’s System, Practical Aesthetics, Physical Theatre), Voice (Singing, Actor’s Voice and Byzantine Monody) and Dance (with the Academy of Russian Ballet).

I also have an Audio Engineering Diploma (SAE Institute) so I can communicate with the technical crew efficiently and productively 🙂



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Lyricist, Composer