John Hudson


John Hudson

  • I became an actor after graduating (what else can you do with an English degree?) and worked extensively in television and on stage for just over twenty years before turning to English teaching in a school (oh yes, that’s what else). I stopped teaching in 2018 and am acting once more, pandemics permitting, and also writing.  

Having occasionally written songs for regional theatre shows – including one that transferred to the West End – and performing my own compositions in pubs and clubs for several years, I met up with people much more talented at composing music than I am and began writing musicals with them.

I am the lyricist and book-writer for ‘Becoming Miss Havisham’ and ‘ADRIFT’ (both with music by Winston Eade) and ‘Water Colours’ (with music by Joe Korner). All of us are members of MMD and Book, Music and Lyrics.

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Bookwriter, Lyricist