Karen Bishko


Karen Bishko


Karen was working as a portrait artist when Gary Kemp and Jess Bailey from Spandau Ballet, heard some songs she had written.

Jess Bailey and Gary Kemp heard two songs and liked them. They produced them and encouraged me to write more and I became more confident. I got a band together and started gigging. Paul Burger, (ex-President of Sony Music Europe)became my manager. He was the person who encouraged me to write for musical theatre”

Karen worked in the studio with Yoad Nevo (Sia, Goldfrapp) and Stephen Lironi (Jon Bon Jovi, Hanson).

In 2007 she opened for British band Take That at Britain’s largest arena, the London O2.

Seeking a novel way to present her heartfelt songs, in 2009 Karen left for New York to develop her musical, Therapy Rocks. The musical was staged at NYMF 2010 (The New York Musical Theatre Festival) its performance run not only sold out but was extended.

In 2018 a dance musical Shadows was staged Off Broadway in NY for which Karen was nominated for Outstanding Original Music.

Karens musical Single was set for a production at The New Wolsey Theatre in the UK in September 2020. It has been postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19. For more information see projects.

Karen was hired to write an 80’s version of the much loved existing show Menopause The Musical which is set for launch in 2021 in the US.

Karen is back in the UK.

Karen’s latest song My Name Is Karen is featured below with an opinion piece about it at http://www.uncancelled.co.uk



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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer