Kyla Stroud


Kyla Stroud


Stroud & Notes are a bad-ass original musical collective conceived in the brain of queer singer-songwriter and ideas person Kyla Stroud (they/she.)

Kyla dreams of building a network of kind, talented and diverse people, who can create meaningful and fun work together in a safe, open and inspiring space. They want to spread positivity, laughter and great music through their theatre.

As a musical artist, Kyla (pka LAKY) has supported the likes of Emelie Sande, Rhys Lewis and is a regular on the festival circuit, plus they have a fancy shmancy publishing deal with Kobalt music.

The ‘Notes’ currently in action include Theatre Maker and cool cat – Hannah Sands (they/she), boogier and Movement Director – Natalie Stroud (she/her) and Musical Director – Olivia Zacharia (she/her.)


Writer Type

Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer

Other Skills

Actor, Musician