Louis Barabbas


Louis Barabbas


Lyricist, composer and occasional book writer. Formerly a gigging singer-songwriter and frontman for Manchester rock-swing outfit The Bedlam Six (2006-2016), also co-founder of indie label Debt Records (2009-2019). Now predominantly a musical theatre writer and retained fire fighter working from the Isle Of Skye. First musical “Jocasta: A Musical Tragedy” was showcased at the Lowry Theatre in partnership with Arts Council England. Currently working on a musical horror film project about the asylum years of Antonin Artaud provisionally entitled “No More Masterpieces” and a stage musical about highland village life and dementia called “The Goldfish Bowl”, plus a to-be announced stage musical for Leeds Playhouse based on a popular children’s book. Also on the Writers Section and Scottish Regional Committee for the Musicians’ Union.



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Lyricist, Composer