Michael Somerville


Michael Somerville


Michael has co-written a musical called S.N.A and is looking for a composer to work with his lyricist. The show is about a young man named Kevin Grabber who is sick to death of feeling like a sexual and social failure with women. So he joins a 12-step support group called S.N.A. (Sexual Neurotics Anonymous) to try and turn things around. He soon realises the fellowship is fraught with poor advice, contradictory behaviour and sexually repressed maniacs hellbent on projecting their distorted world views onto him.

It’s the blind leading the blind and a sordid underbelly of sexual shame. But somehow with the help of his madcap, alcoholic sponsor Francis, Kevin eventually manages to find redemption in the most unexpected of ways.


Email me at michael_943@hotmail.com if interested, I will reply within 24 hours.

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