Patrick Steed


Patrick Steed


Hello and welcome to my profile! Thank you for reading. My name is Patrick and I’m a  composer and lyricist from Wales. My first musical – Stalking John Barrowman – premiered in Cardiff in 2013 and Austin (Texas) in 2015. My second musical – Blink! – has been developed with support from the Arts Council of Wales. The first act was presented in a workshop at Chapter Arts Centre in April 2016 and act two is currently being created. In addition to musicals, I am also Champion of Excellence for InspireMe and as part of this have lots of experience in coaching ensembles and choir leaders, arranging vocal harmonies and producing in the studio. I’m a proud member of BML (Book, Music & Lyrics) and am expanding my knowledge/skills through this amazing course. I’m Resident Composer for Hello Cabaret – a musical theatre event based at the Wales Millennium Centre – and I write new material every month to be showcased. I also love to run marathons, climb mountains, tap dance, do parkour and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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