Michael Greenspun


Michael Greenspun


Ever since seeing, as a teenager, a group of men drinking whiskey out of bottles, which were barely covered by small paper bags in Rittenhouse Square park, Philadelphia, I imagined their stories and began writing plays. Extending my creative possibilities, I began to take drama and acting classes, performed improvisations with other actors in improv troupes in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles. As much as I enjoy most forms of media, often being inspired after the experience, theatre is special: In some cases, theatre has transformed me. I wrote more plays, some screenplays and then through a colleague’s recommendation joined ANMT /NMI in Los Angeles, with training in musical theatre and the skills of bookwriting and lyric writing. I wrote the book to the 15 minute musical “The Battle Between Good and Evil” (Mitch Glazer, lyricist; Jerry Fernandez, composer) performed and the Colony Theatre, Burbank, California, as well as the book and co-lyrics to the full-length musical “Marriage Counseling” (Joe Blodgett, composer and co-lyricists) performed as a reading at ANMT. I am also a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.



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Bookwriter, Lyricist