Tim Thomas


Tim Thomas


I am an actor and singer who has pursued a passion for writing musicals for six years. My first venture was a re-invention of the great tradition of Variety/Vaudeville with an astonishing ensemble of acrobats, jugglers, dancers, actors and storytellers. This spectacular show was called "A Date With Destiny" and was produced at The Oval House Theatre in London.. Since then I have written four more conventional musicals. I have always written songs and by combining this with my lifelong love of the theatre I am in a position to create both words and music. My visionis to make muscular, modern musicals which can delight but which have teeth. In the Spring of 2014 I put on my musical "ShellShock" at the Waterloo East Theatre. My website address is – http://www.timtom.me
I have now formed a band of performer/musicians called AUTHENTIC BLUE. Our premiere concert will be at The Brunel Museum, Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe, London on Saturday, September 19th 2015 as part of the immensely successful 'Midnight Apothecary' event. We will play sets at 7.30pm and 9.00pm.



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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer