Trudi Veremu


Trudi Veremu


Trudi’s is a Rhodesian- born (Zimbabwean) Electronic Dance Musician, whose career began 20 years ago when she signed to a Bristol-based Manager. Her strong ties to the trip-hop and UK dance music scenes established Trudi as a freelance vocalist and lyricist. In 2004 she co-produced an intimate solo/self-released EP about her Mother who had passed from HIV related disease, which was named that year’s Glastonbury Jazz/World Stage Best Emerging Artist and was mentioned on John Peel’s career-defining BBC2 “Peel at Glastonbury” highlights show.  With her passion for project development, she returned to education studying a diploma in Artistic Development at the British Academy of New Music. Inspired by the teachings and her conversation with her teacher Trudi began the  journey that is now culminated into T.I.N


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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer