Danny McAvoy


Danny McAvoy


Until 10 years ago, I worked in many countries with major organisations as a management consultant specialising in storytelling, vision building and personal & corporate growth and transformation. I divided my time between doing this work and song writing, and playing guitars and singing in various blues and rock bands.

Ten years ago I decided to focus entirely on musical theatre, which  has always been my first love. Since then I have written the book, the lyrics and composed the music for four completely original, full length musicals.  In late 2019 I was planning to stage them one after the other but then Covid-19 struck.

In early 2020 I gathered together a team of professional singer/actors and worked with them online to make a serialised radio production of my musical Little Ships, the story of a family impacted by the start of WWII. Later in 2020 and on into 2021, I gathered together a larger cast and worked in the same to make a radio and a video production of my musical Uprising!, the story of the 1549 peasants uprising in Norfolk, England. Both of these radio musicals have been broadcast by a number of radio stations in the UK and elsewhere to, I am told, average audiences per episode of around 150,000. I am currently completing ‘Uprising! the Movie’ and plan to launch this production in the next few months.



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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer