Vin Goodwin


Vin Goodwin


I am a singer songwriter, live music event promoter and host (Vin’s Night In! and others).

Prompted by musical theatre guru, director and dramaturg Adam Lenson, in 2017 I produced the first draft of a musical (book, lyrics and music) which I have been working on ever since (grabbing every hour I can during my day job as an architectural consultant!)

I raised £10,000 via crowdfunding for a week long workshop in November 2018 and had two workshop performances with full band in that same month. Professional writer,  Louise Rowland is now my cowriter for the book and  many script changes later, we got the team back together in 2020 for a Zoom read through to see how things were shaping up.

Its a long process, but “A Small Life” is something I’m very proud of and hope that it gets the chance to be shared properly at some point.



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Bookwriter, Lyricist, Composer