Will Geraint Drake


Will Geraint Drake


Hi! I’m a composer currently studying at Durham UniversityMy first musical, ‘A Mother’s War’, was performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London in April 2019; the musical’s cast recording was released in 2020. Also in 2019, my sister and I were part of The Ceiling Project with our musical ‘Gwen: A Bronze Age Pop-Rock Musical’, performed at the Bishopsgate Institute. I have recently finished writing music for ‘Lawmage Academy’, a fantasy-RPG video game set for release in 2022. At university I am the musical director of Northern Lights, the uni’s competitive a cappella choir; the group was the runner-up at the ICCA national final in 2020. My next musical, ‘The Single Lady’ is to be performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre in August 2021.



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Lyricist, Composer