William Hart


William Hart


I studied Drama, Applied Theatre & Education at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama from 2007 to 2010. After graduating I pursed a career in teaching. In 2018 I gained an MA in Education at Goldsmiths College. 

I have been teaching Drama since 2013. I am passionate about educating young people about Drama and Theatre. I have worked in London, Bangkok and now Cheltenham. 

I am currently working on my first musical, The Mods of Notting Hill. I am writing the book and lyrics. I am looking to collaborate with other artists to bring the story and characters to life. 

The Mods of Notting Hill 

Set in 1963 Notting Hill the musical brings together the most exciting genres of music to influence British pop culture. Jazz, Blues, British Beat, Blue Beat and Rhythm and Blues make up an incredible soundtrack to the story. The musical follows the story of Edith Brown as she turns sixteen and can finally become a ‘mod’. All she has ever wanted is to be out on the fashion and music scene. Defying her restrictive parents she goes to the Glenlyn Ballroom, the hippest club in town, to do what she loves most in the world, listen to music and dance. At the club Edith gets more than she expects when she bumps into Desmond on the dancefloor. In this moment the connection between the two of them changes everything. 

The musical asks the question; Will Edie and Desmond’s true love for each other be accepted or will they be torn apart by a society that sees it as immorale and is reluctant to move forward. 

The musical showcases how the early 1960’s were the most electrifying time to be a teenager but more importantly how the events at the time changed British culture forever. 

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Bookwriter, Lyricist