How do I apply to BEAM?

We want to open the process up to artists who might be at a very early stage of developing a musical (including those who might be experimenting with the art form for the first time), as well as those who have significant experience. To do this we are going to select the work for BEAM through a

In order to manage the numbers of people pitching on each day, there will be an initial filtering process, and we will ask you to apply for a spot on the pitching days by completing a simple online application:

  • your 1st and 2nd choice of pitching venue.
  • a short CV of relevant experience as a professional creative (300 words).
  • a statement (maximum 200 words) that explains how this showcase will benefit your career/development of your piece.
  • a brief description of the piece you’d like to pitch (200 words).

This initial sifting process will help us to ensure that anyone being seen fits our criteria and also that the spaces are allocated to those whom both MMD and MTN feel will benefit most from this opportunity. We will of course do everything we can to accommodate the maximum number of applicants, including inviting people to apply to a different venue and increasing the number of pitching days (where possible).

If your application does not meet these requirements unfortunately we will not be able to consider it, so if you have any questions about the application process, please contact us via and we will get back to you.

Applications are now open and the deadline for applications is September 2019. Once we have assessed all the application forms we will get back in touch with you by September 2019 to let you know if you have a pitching slot. If so, we will let you know when and where that will be and how the day will run.