Be part of the next generation of new musicals

New musical theatre is one of the fastest growing and evolving areas of creative practice in the UK, with many new voices emerging in recent years who will make musical theatre as diverse and relevant to a wider audience. Our members are at the forefront of this and need the advice, recognition, skills, encouragement that MMD can provide, in order for their projects to reach an audience.

MMD is a registered charity, dedicated to the development of musical theatre as an art form for the benefit of the public, and to talent development to secure the form’s future. In addition to our funding from Arts Council England (making up approximately one third of our costs) we rely on the support of trusts and foundations, corporate sponsors and individual donors in order to fulfil our mission and support new musicals and their writers.

If you love musical theatre and want to help exciting new shows come to fruition, please consider supporting our work.