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Supported by the Jane Goodman Charitable Trust, in 2024 we opened a Skills Fund, offering small grants to members of MMD for the purposes of developing new skills, increasing employability and improving their writing craft.

The Fund was open to all current members of MMD, who could apply for a grant of any amount up to £1000.

Eligible grant requests included:

  • Private tuition, e.g. piano lessons,
  • A place on a course
  • Paid mentoring
  • Equipment to enable skill-building

The 2024 Skills Fund is now closed. 

2023 fund recipients

“This small grant has made an enormous difference to my creative confidence, and has helped turn a nice idea into a completely original show with genuine production potential that has already begun to attract interest from the industry. I can’t thank you enough for seeing a spark in me, and choosing to fan the flame with financial support. Here’s to starting more fires in the future!”

“The funding has truly allowed me learn new skills and saw me gain a role on the basis of this new knowledge. I would not have been offered this without this time to develop my skills so it really has opened doors for me.”

“Getting the grant also felt like a hand up and “welcome” into the MT world after a career writing for theatre. It felt like a validation for myself as a female parent carer and mother in her middle years, based far from London. It felt like being taken seriously.”