Musical Bites

MMD are delighted to announce a new initiative in conjunction with The Other Palace:

MUSICAL BITES is a ‘tasting menu’ of four exciting new British musicals in development. Audiences will see 15 minutes of each work, staged and choreographed – getting a ‘bite’ of these pieces by innovative new writers. Audiences can interact with the creative teams via The Other Palace’s innovative feedback app.

The evening is co-produced by The Other Palace, Rob Hartmann and MMD.

The projects are selected from amongst the MMD membership and wider work the producers are aware of. Any writer who has work presented at Musical Bites will receive a free year of MMD Membership, if they are not already a member.

We hope Musical Bites will be a bi-annual event, so do make sure to invite MMD to your showcases/presentations so we are aware of your body of work. The better we know you and your work, the better we can be your champion and advocate. We see Musical Bites as a wonderful addition to our development and showcase programmes – such as our Writers Open Mic Night, the Stiles & Drewe Prize and BEAM. To see our full list of programmes click here and get involved!

The first evening is on April 20th 2017. To book tickets via The Other Palace website click here.

The four pieces being showcased for the first ever Musical Bites are:

Remember, Remember.

Written by Christian Czornyj

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Guilt. This is the word of the law. REMEMBER, REMEMBER. immerses you inside the dystopian trial. Featuring an industrial electronic score and a faceless ensemble, you will start to question: what is real and who is not?

Super Ordinary 

Jenny Lee (Book/Lyrics), Thomas Hewitt Jones (Music), Leo Bennet (Illustration)

1940, World War II. Milton’s the worst pilot in the RAF. In his head, he’s a superhero. He’s got sketchbooks crammed with pictures of him flexing his biceps and a face that people love to punch. When the chance to finally become a real-life hero arises, he seizes it – by telling a villainous lie. Super Ordinary is a heart-achingly funny illustrated musical that salutes those brave enough to risk looking like villains in order to act heroically, and forgives the rest of us.

The Girl Who

Written by Claire McKenzie and Scott Gilmour

Anna is searching for her parents. It’s up to you how she finds them.Inspired by the classic Choose-Your-Own Adventure books, The Girl Whoplaces the audience in complete control of the story. You will be in charge of the characters’ decisions, morals, successes and failures, allowing every show’s path to be unique. Combining live music and immersive storytelling, The Girl Who is one of the latest pieces by award-winning partnership Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie (Forest Boy, FreakShow, Little Red and the Wolf) 

The Leftovers

Siobhan Cannon Brownlie (Director), Rob Green (Musical Direcor), Nic Harvey (Writer)

The Leftovers is a comic and stirring contemporary musical on the pitfalls of artistic interpretation and the melody of grief. Following the sudden death of Jodie, occasional gig reviewer and the definition of misadventure, some of her friends join forces in a Nottingham community recording studio. Local singer/songwriter Stef has penned a song for Jodie, and the makeshift band meets to record the single for charity.